50% of people on the digital Healthier You programme have a lower risk of developing type 2 diabetes and 100% would recommend the programme to family or friends.

People who take part lose on average 10lbs, if weight loss is their personal goal.

Why choose the Healthier You digital programme?

  • Through the Healthier You digital programme, participants will receive specialist and personalised dietary support over 9 months, with a community group or health coach.
  • Support is delivered entirely remotely with no need to travel, so you can get your support wherever you are.
  • The digital programme makes it possible to fit appointments around your schedule, even during the evenings or at weekends.
  • Participants will get life-time access to psychological and nutritional advice on our app, to help you gain confidence and keep up positive lifestyle changes long term.

What’s different about the Healthier You digital programme?

When you join the Healthier You digital programme, you will be assigned your own personalised healthcare plan based on your needs, preferences and self-confidence.

As part of your plan, you will be matched with either a personal health coach or a community group made up of people also on the programme and those who have finished to support you in making changes.

The programme combines psychological and nutritional support with Oviva’s digital tools, the Oviva app and Oviva Learn to help you optimise your health and gain the confidence and knowledge to keep up your positive lifestyle changes long term. 

  • Use the Oviva app to track your weight, food, activity, mood, blood glucose and blood pressure. This will be shared with your coach so they can give you truly tailored advice.
  • Evidence shows that people who track their weight, diet and lifestyle are twice as likely to reach their weight loss goal.
  • New resources are unlocked weekly. The videos, podcasts, recipes, quizzes are all written by our specialist dietitians and psychologists, and will support you to create new healthy habits for both your body and mind

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