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Buy healthy, shop smart

Many people think it’s expensive to eat healthily, but being a savvy shopper can really help you eat better, for less. Taking control of what you buy and cook will give you more confidence in managing your health and reducing the risks of Type 2 diabetes.

  • Start with a weekly plan of what you are going to eat before you go shopping. Meal planning helps you manage what you eat, reduce food waste and save money too
  • Your plan should include economical, healthy meals and snacks that you enjoy eating. It will help you resist the common traps of unhealthy takeaways, calorie-laden snack attacks and highly processed convenience foods.
  • There are many economical store cupboard essentials that can be used for creating tasty, healthy meals. Stock up on wholewheat pasta and brown rice, and a variety of versatile tinned foods such as tomatoes, pulses, and canned vegetables.
  • A few well-chosen freezer essentials can be a life saver. Frozen berries, beans, vegetables and fish are just as healthy as their fresh equivalents but are cheaper and more convenient.
  • Supermarkets regularly have promotions on fresh produce. Look out for special offers and reductions - but only buy what you know you can use, otherwise a tempting bargain becomes a false economy.
  • Batch cooking will help save time and money. Make a larger amount and freeze meal-sized portions to serve up when you don’t have the time or motivation to cook from scratch.
  • You can still be creative at mealtimes, and substitute like-for-like healthy ingredients if you see a bargain or fancy a change. Try a new recipe or ingredient, it could become a new favourite.
  • You generally pay more for processed foods which are full of ingredients we should avoid or reduce. Cooking with fresh ingredients gives you more control over what you eat and spend.
  • Remember to read food labels; avoid tinned fruit in syrup, and highly processed ingredients that are high in salt, fat and unhealthy hidden additives.


It might be the most important thing you do today.

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