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Home workouts

As the winter months and Covid-19 restrictions have forced us all to stay at home, it has become more difficult, and more important than ever, to keep active. Physical exercise improves our stress levels and mental well-being too, so you get twice the benefit.

While outdoor activities are still limited, our easy tips will help you keep moving around home to support your healthy lifestyle. Start with little and often, and build up over time.

  • If you are just starting with home exercising, there are a range of online resources for people of any age and fitness. Links at the end of this article will get you started.
  • Simple stretching exercises and moving your limbs with weights will keep your joints supple. Relaxation techniques, meditation or focused breathing techniques can have a positive impact on how you feel. You can join online groups for these activities too.
  • Best of all you don’t need a lot of space or any specialist equipment. Use stairs for step ups, and tin cans or other household items as weights. Many exercises require just a chair or a wall to lean against.
  • Housework and chores can be great ways of building up physical activity. Vacuuming and ironing, cleaning the bathroom or kitchen, even cooking and washing up, they are great ways to get you up and about.
  • Many people have used their time in lockdown to sort through cupboards, spare bed-rooms, garages and sheds. Tackle those jobs you’ve been putting off for ages, we’ve all got something like that to do!
  • While watching television or working at your computer, set regular reminders to take a break. Go for a short walk, drink some water, do some stretching and deep breathing.

To keep you motivated, start with manageable activities and gradually increase them as you feel more comfortable and confident. The key is to stick at it, exercise gets easier over time.


It might be the most important thing you do today.

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