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Maintaining motivation to a Healthier You

At the beginning of the year, many of us make New Year resolutions to become more healthy.

Researched published by YouGov:> reveals that the two most popular New Year resolutions remain taking more exercise (47%) and losing weight (44%).

As well as helping with general wellbeing and health improvements, should we stick to them, these resolutions can help to reduce the risk of us developing health conditions such as Type 2 diabetes. And with around five million people in the UK at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, making a resolution to exercise or lose weight could be well chosen.

But while many of us start the New Year with good intentions, more than a quarter of us fail to keep any of our New Year aspirations. To achieve success, there needs to be that crucial ingredient – motivation.

How to motivate yourself

If 2020’s resolutions ended in failure, ask yourself what affected your motivation to stick to new routines or ways of looking after yourself?

Was your initial taget just too tough to achieve? Instead of simply focusing on what may seem like a very far off end result, begin by considering your lifestyle, work and family commitments and set smaller short term health goals that you feel are more achievable. Small, realistic targets that can be attained are more empowering than pie-in-the-sky dreams that will never be fulfilled because getting started on something, even if it is a small thing like going outside for a 10 minute walk every day, can give you a regular dose of feeling satisfied with yourself and that can improve your motivation.

Getting friends or family members who understand your responsibilities and commitments involved can be another good way to increase your motivation. Healthier You runs group sessions for anyone who is it at risk of developing Type 2 diabetes to talk to each other and learn new ways to improve their health and reduce their risk.

Enlisting the help of a friend or family member who can share the experience with you is a good way for you to give each other regular encouragement which can help maintain motivation.  

Other ideas for maintaining motivation to keep your New Year’s resolutions include:

  • Set up alerts on your phone to remind you of a set target for that day or week.
  • Research inspirational sayings and again commit them to a phone alert or a paper diary to strengthen willpower each day.
  • Celebrate all your small achievements and keep a focus on the ultimate goal and why it is important.

Here’s to a Happy and Healthier 2021.

It might be the most important thing you do today.

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