Programme Questions

Now that restrictions have been lifted in England we are happy to announce that we are able to offer face to face sessions again at a centre local to you. Our friendly contact centre team will be in touch to advise you on locations available and session times.

It’s understandable that after many months of living with restrictions during the pandemic that you may be worried about attending face to face sessions. We can assure you that all of our chosen venues have met Ingeus and NHSE Covid safety criteria for hosting groups. See below for measures we will take to reduce the risk of Covid19. However, if face to face sessions are still not for you then we also advise of alternative options available to you.

Face to face meetings, mentor, healthier you, stop diabetes
  • Facilitators will complete Lateral Flow Testing in advance of delivering face to face sessions
  • We encourage frequent hand washing/sanitising throughout the day and  supplies will be available at our venues for you to avail of .
  • Our venues meet NSH England’s Covid and other respiratory disease infection prevention and control policy’s,  for example provision of adequate ventilation and room for social distancing
  • We encourage staff and participants to consider wearing a face covering and these will be provided at the venue.
  • We encourage staff and participants to get vaccinated (Find out more about COVID-19 vaccines)

We ask that if you test positive for Covid-19,  or have any of the main symptoms of Covid-19, that you remain at home for the safety of others and contact our friendly contact centre who will reschedule your session. Call us on 0800 321 3150 (freephone) or 0121 386 6971 (local number

You will receive your joining instructions via an email from Healthier You Diabetes Programme. Here you will receive your individual access code to join the calls. If you have never received an email from us before, you email account may send your joining instructions to your junk or spam folder. If that happens, you can mark Healthier You as a trusted organisation so that our emails go directly into main inbox folder. 

If you are wondering how to join on of our Zoom calls, we have provided instructions for you to follow, depending on which device you are trying to join the call with. Make sure you have downloaded Zoom on your laptops and smart phones.

You will receive a phonecall the day before your session as a reminder. We will not call you at the time of your session. It is up to you to follow your joining instructions and join either by Zoom or by telephone. You will receive a call from an 0121 number, please add this number to your phones so that we are not blocked by your spam filter.

You may also receive an SMS message before your sessions from your Health Coach as a reminder of your upcoming call or meeting and to ask you for your biometrics. Please ensure you submit your details before the session to make sure you get the best out of the programme.

Diabetes Prevention Programme Call

When booking on to the programme our staff will inform you of your first 4 sessions. These will be given to you verbally over the phone and then emailed to you.

Please check your junk folder if you have not received them. Once you have completed those sessions we will book you in for the next 4 sessions etc. These will again be sent to you via email or SMS depending on your preferences. Your last sessions will be given to you verbally so make sure you add them to your calendars. 

If for any reason you forget your session times and details and have lost your confirmation email, please give a member of our team a call on 0121 386 6971

Your Health Coach will provide you with learning resources needed to complete the course. Prior to your first session you will be issued with a handbook which will include a brief overview of your programme. 

You will also be handed the following resources:

  • Healthier You Action Plan
  • Healthier You Food Diary
  • Extra resources at sessions 5,10,12 to help support your Healthier You journey

You will also be recommended apps to use that will be beneficial to you on the programme which will include ideas and help with fitness, dietary requirements and mindfulness. 

Please note that we do not provide you scales in order to submit your weight, please use your own or a friends. 

National Diabetes Prevention Programme Handbook

Weight Management – Participants learn about importance of maintaining a healthy weight and how to measure success

Physical Activity - How to achieve the results you want, recommendations on activity and its impact on reducing risk

Pushing the Pace - Understand the benefits of resistance exercises and how they can reduce your risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Healthy Eating - Understanding effects of high fat diet and different types of fats

Making healthier meals - Sharing experiences and adapting recipes to make them healthier

Understanding the risk -  Solidify learnings from session 1 of what pre-diabetes is and the risk factors

Goal Setting – How to set SMART goals in order to form new habits

Understanding risk - Develop understanding of what it means to have non-diabetic hyperglycaemia, their personal risk factors, and options to reduce risk through lifestyle change

The Eatwell Plate – understanding the balance of different food groups and portion size guidance

Getting standing and redesigning your day - Strategies to be more active as part of a daily routine

Healthy living for a healthy heart - Explore the elements of keeping your heart healthy including salt, saturated fat, fibre intake and fruit and vegetables recommendations

Future Health Risks and Focus on Fibre Risk of large blood vessel disease – its relationship to other risk factors, and managing that risk

Focus on Fibre – information on the benefits of fibre and how to increase intake

Balancing food and activity - The relationship between calorie intake (from food) and expenditure (from activity), and its effect on weight

Managing challenges and maintaining a healthy lifestyle Managing challenges – how to deal with slip ups, eating out, and maintaining the healthy lifestyle.

Choosing healthy snacks and drinks - Understanding effects of unhealthy snacks, meals and drinks; and how to identify healthier alternatives How to read and understand food labels

Mindful Living -  Discuss how feelings can influence participant’s relationship with activity, food, weight and strategies for self management Refocusing on risk Progress

Motivation - Reflection, and managing modifiable/non-modifiable risks

Your programme will consist of 13 sessions each one lasting approximately 60-90 minutes long. After the first 2 sessions, you will be expected to attend a session every 3 weeks. You will have access to your educator in between those time if you have any questions or would like advice. 


Healthy Eating

We aim to keep the same Health Coach with you through out the programme, but please be aware that you may encounter different Health Coaches sometimes due to annual leave, illnesses, training etc. Rest assured, they are all great! All of our staff come from a nutritional and fitness background. They are fully trained by the Leicester Diabetes Centre and are trained in NHS messaging. It is a tried and tested programme.

Healthier You Educators

We believe it will be very beneficial for you to take part in our sessions as much as you can; asking questions, sharing your experience etc. We don't expect you to deliver a speech but the more you engage, the more you will get out of the programme. You do not have to have your camera on at all times but seeing your peers face to face helps you to build a bond with your group and get the most out of your sessions. Please keep yourself on mute unless you want to speak, this will reduce background noise when others want to speak.

If you change your mind please let us know at your earliest convenience. Call our contact centre on 0800 321 3150 (freephone) or 0121 386 6971 (local number) and one of our helpful team members might be able to offer alternatives. Please make sure you don't keep on missing your sessions simply because we can offer your space to someone else.

Session 1 and 1a are a week apart. 

Each session is then 3 weeks apart and will last a duration of between 60 and 90 minutes long.

Healthier You Sessions

We would appreciate if you could let us know as soon as possible the date that you can't make. This is an NHS service and is in high demand. Please call our contact centre on 0800 321 3150 (freephone) or 0121 386 6971 (local number) and let us know so we can book you in for another date that is more convenient for you.

Please call our contact centre as soon as you can on 0800 321 3150 (freephone) or 0121 386 6971 (local number). Your space could potentially be given to another participant. Don't worry though, you won't lose your space, we will simply book you on to another session that suits you better, then and there. If you cannot call then you have the option of texting your Health Coach that you cannot attend. 

if you haven't done so already, we will call you the day before your session to remind you about the session.

Why do we ask for these things?

This is so we can monitor your BMI which is a requirement of the programme, so we can monitor changes and evaluate your health. Where possible please use your scales at home or at your local pharmacy or friends to obtain your weight. You will get a call from the contact centre. If you do not have access to any scales please let our contact centre know. It's better to have an accurate weight measurement from you to ensure tracking is accurate.

Healthy lifestyle concept, Diet and fitness

You will find all the information you need on our website but we also have information videos for you to watch to get an idea of the programme and who it's for. You can either be referred by your GP or you can take a quiz on our website to see if you are eligible. 

Watch the video here

National Diabetes Prevention Programme Information Video